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Anglesea: “People left with smiling faces”

Anglesea: “People left with smiling faces”

The last rugby action at Edgeley Park provided some outstanding moments, with the one side crossing the try line seventeen times. In all, 49 tries scored in 84 minutes of play.

See what the players and coaches had to say about our successful farewell to Edgeley Park:

Will Cliff: “A fabulous night. Just like last year, we started slowly but we became quite sharp. When we got stuck in, we enjoyed it and had a good night.”

Will Hafu: “Just lucky! Timing, timing! It was good. I don’t mind this game. We’ll go on being positive.”

Mark Easter: “A slow start but, to be fair, Welsh had probably the best side out tonight, with lots of Sevens experience. The Welsh Warriors. We were a bit slow out of the blocks, but fought back in that game, little by little, and put on a good show in the last two games. It was great to play here for the last time, and the crowd was impressive, too.”

Pete Anglesea: “Because of the stage of the season, it takes us a little while to ‘get into it’, which is a shame, really. As last year, we should have won all three games. We were finding our feet in the first game, but I was pleased by the lads’ attitude afterwards. The young lads are exciting, with good pace and skills. The reaction of the crowd makes it a thoroughly enjoyable evening. People left Edgeley Park with fond memories and smiling faces.

“I was pleased with the team’s calmness in the second and third games. We were always in control.

“Mark Jennings was sensational when he came on – just his whole attitude. He’s trained well, is very strong, has good feet and I hope he has a good season. Will Addison, Tom Brady and Charlie Amesbury were all fast. Cliffy was good around the base of the scrum. Mark Easter doesn’t make errors – it looked ‘just a breeze’ for him. It was nice also for lads like Tom Cruse and Will Hafu to come on and do well. It was a nice environment for them in front of the crowd.

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Anglesea: “People left with smiling faces”
Anglesea: “People left with smiling faces”
Anglesea: “People left with smiling faces”