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Community Programmes
 Wheelchair Tag Rugby

Wheelchair Tag Rugby sessions with Sale Sharks gave our students so much confidence and self-belief. Session were brilliantly pitched to the level of our students. We have developed a fantastic relationship with the Trust. Faye Bye, Teacher, Hebden Green School, Winsford.


Wheelchair Tag Rugby is for anyone to take part in, disability or not, it offers a unique opportunity to take part in sport on a level playing field, with siblings and friends also being welcomed to play along in this inclusive sport.


Wheelchair Tag Rugby adheres to tag rugby rules, a tackle is made by taking a tag of the ball carrier who has two tags on their shoulder, there is no contact between wheelchairs and passing is backwards. These rules are adapted with the group, less able groups can use a round ball and can pass in any direction, to accommodate to their individual needs better.


We deliver within Special Educational Need, Mainstream and Alternative Provision schools and establishments. Sessions are also run in the local community, with community groups and youth clubs.

 Mixed Ability Rugby

“Sale Sharks has changed Henry’s life, he has always had a strong interest in Rugby due to his dad, brother and sister playing however he has never had the opportunity due to his disability. Since getting involved with Sharks Community Trusts Mixed Ability Rugby Project he has developed his social and emotional skills, I now have a son who is confident and becoming more and more independent, which, without rugby this would not have happened. Henry plays for the first team now, something that we thought would never happen for him, he now has 20 new friends and Saturday is his favourite day of the week! He has since gone on to volunteer with the Disability and Inclusion team where he has developed his employability and communication skills. Daniella Hibbert-Jones, Henry’s Mum.


Mixed ability rugby encourages social inclusion, by mixing non-disabled and disabled players aged 17 years or older and not classifying levels of ability. There is no separation of disabled players into different tiers, so no boundaries to anyone, everyone plays on the same pitch on a level playing field. The rules are the same as the able-bodied game, aside from scrums which are uncontested. Mixed ability teams regularly play against local mainstream teams in organised fixtures.

 Disability & Inclusive Tag Rugby

My son joined sessions at a local rugby club, the Trust coaches had so much patience and understanding which put my son at ease from the off. He not only developed his rugby skills but his confidence has increased from the sessions also. Rugby is now his favourite thing! Parent of participant.



Disability & Inclusive Tag Rugby is an Inclusive  Rugby opportunity to play rugby in a safe, non-contact version of the game. It is a perfect opportunity for children and young people with a disability or additional need to learn the basics of rugby in an enjoyable and exciting way.


We deliver within Special Educational Need schools and schools with provisions in place for a high number of students with Special Educational Needs or Additional Needs.


Sessions are also run in local community rugby clubs, a perfect exit route for those in schools wanting to play outside of school.

 Walking Rugby

I’ve never played rugby before, I’ve always been on the sidelines watching my daughters play rugby. When Walking Rugby was introduced at my local club Crewe&Nantwich, I went down and have really enjoyed it, making new friends and keeping active. I now also go to the session at Sandbach. Sarah Perris


I played regularly through school and into my late twenties until family and work took over. Took early retirement a couple of years ago and wanted to find things to do for enjoyment, fitness and social. Walking rugby seemed ideal for all those. Having not touched a ball for nearly 30 years was a little wary but ball skills certainly comeback over a short time. Paul Ballard


Walking Rugby is a slower paced game of touch rugby that is ideal for those who are aged 50 years and older or those who cannot play contact rugby anymore. This is a less physical, slower paced version of touch rugby with adapted laws to suit participant needs.


The sessions are aimed to give rugby playing opportunities for those who may have never played rugby before and those who played previously played and cannot play anymore and want to re-engage with rugby at a slower pace. Sessions are a great way to increase your social activity and make friends with like minded people.


Information on current Walking Rugby sessions:

  • Mondays
    • Crewe & Nantwich RUFC 6.30pm-8pm
    • Holmes Chapel RUFC/Everybody Leisure 6.30pm-8.30pm
    • Eccles RFC 7pm-8.30pm
  • Tuesdays
    • Winnington Park RUFC 6.30pm-8pm
    • Bury RUFC 7pm-8.30pm
  • Wednesdays
    • Sandbach 6.30pm-8pm
    • Trafford 6.30pm-8pm
    • Manchester 7pm-8.30pm
  • Thursdays
    • Altrincham Kersal 6.30pm-8.30pm

If your rugby club would like to discuss the opportunity to develop Walking Rugby at their club, please give Vicky an email – Vicky.irwin@salesharks.com

 Sharks Forces

The Sharks Forces Project is aimed at supporting veterans in gaining employment, keeping active and developing new social activities.

SHARKS FORCES PROJECT Our Royal British Legion and Armed Forces Covenant funded Sharks Forces project aims to support current serving and ex-armed forces personnel.

The project ran across Greater Manchester aims to:

  • Develop new social activities
    Tackle social isolation
  • Improve mental health and physical well-being
  • Develop employability skills


If you want to find more about the project, please get in touch with Project Officer Craig Monaghan on 07525857188 or email craig.monaghan@salesharks.com

 Balls To That

Mental Health Awareness Day in workplaces, Craig Monaghan shares his story and life after Afghanistan.


More information from Jack – jack.leech@salesharks.com

More information about this project coming soon…

Our Community Programmes seek to engage new to rugby participants through innovative development of new projects. We currently offer projects to provide rugby opportunties for disabled people through Wheelchair Tag Rugby, Tag Rugby and Mixed Ability Rugby, veterans through our Sharks Forces project and over 50’s through Walking Rugby. We have recently developed Mental Health projects; Balls to That, delivered to workplaces and a schools mental health project which will be announced shortly.


Any additional information or questions on Community Programmes please contact Vicky, Community Development Manager – vicky.irwin@salesharks.com

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