Hitz 16-18 year olds

Hitz 16-18 year olds

HITZ is the award-winning education programme developed by Premiership Rugby that helps previously unemployed young people aged 16 to 19 to turn their lives around.

The programme is delivered by Sharks Community Trust across one site in Sale West, offering a combination of sport and education, alongside employability and issue-based sessions (such as drug and alcohol awareness).

In 2019 SCL Education & Training expanded their partnership with Premiership Rugby to become the exclusive education partner for the award-winning employability programme. Managing all educational aspects of the Premiership Rugby HITZ programme, leading providers of education through sport, SCL, have more than 15 years’ experience in delivering a range of forward thinking and successful education and sports development programmes for young adults.

For further information about HITZ, please contact George Colebourne at george.colebourne@salesharks.com


Case Study – Mark  (HITZ Learner)


Mark was born in Dublin but moved to England after leaving school with no GCSEs.  He was made homeless after a family row which led him to turn to alcohol and drugs to try to cope.


One of Mark’s friends tried to help him, by taking him in and suggesting he join the HITZ programme.


At the start of the programme, Mark suffered from major confidence issues and a lack of motivation, but his HITZ tutor helped tailor his course to provide the personal support he required.


Prior to HITZ, Mark had no interest in physical activity but after starting the programme, he realised how much he liked sport and how much better he felt after taking part.  This motivated him to want to study a course in this area and he has now progressed on to a full time Level 3 course in gym instruction with YMCA.


Inspired by his own experiences on the streets, Mark also decided he wanted to put something back into the community and started volunteering at a homeless shelter.


“HITZ has changed my life, there is no doubt about it. I left school with no hope and no ideas for the future. Now I’m working towards becoming a qualified personal trainer, so I can help motivate others who want to change their lives.”