Sharks on Wheels

Wheelchair Tag Rugby sessions with Sale Sharks gave our students so much confidence and self-belief. Session were brilliantly pitched to the level of our students. We have developed a fantastic relationship with the Trust. Faye Bye, Teacher, Hebden Green School, Winsford.


Wheelchair Tag Rugby is for anyone to take part in, disability or not, it offers a unique opportunity to take part in sport on a level playing field, with siblings and friends also being welcomed to play along in this inclusive sport.


Wheelchair Tag Rugby adheres to tag rugby rules, a tackle is made by taking a tag of the ball carrier who has two tags on their shoulder, there is no contact between wheelchairs and passing is backwards. These rules are adapted with the group, less able groups can use a round ball and can pass in any direction, to accommodate their individual needs better.

We deliver within Special Educational Need, Mainstream and Alternative Provision schools and establishments. Sessions are also run in the local community, with community groups and youth clubs.