Shark Bite

Shark Bite is a healthy eating initiative that can be adapted to be delivered from Year 2 to Year 6 in primary schools.

The programme covers a range of subjects including the benefits of making the right food choices, how to create a balanced meal (through planning menus for the Sale Sharks players) where food comes from and the safe preparation of food.

The programme can be funded by schools through their Primary School Sports Premium, and includes both classroom sessions and  weekly tag rugby sessions which run over a six week period.



Working with the Sharks Community Trust coaches has been fantastic. The children have learnt so much, not just about rugby and healthy eating but also how to work together as a team, and how to learn from their setbacks and mistakes.


Seeing the excitement and enjoyment on the faces of the children has been wonderful. Much of this excitement is due to the quality of the Sharks staff who have demonstrated how incorporating sport into the classroom can be beneficial to health, behaviour and a love of learning.


We are looking forward to a school trip involving the parents to watch a Sale Sharks home game. How lovely to be able to bring the spirit of rugby into the classroom, school and local community.

Philippa Bentley – Class Teacher at Fairfield Primary



For more information or to book Shark Bite for your school, please email