Digital Tickets

From the start of the 2019/2020 season, Sale Sharks will now offer a digital ticket option alongside collection.

If you have bought a 2019/20 Season or match ticket, you will have the option to add it to your digital wallet on your mobile phone, and on match day simply have the digital season ticket scanned at the turnstile without the need for a season card or physical ticket.

How it Works

When you buy a ticket, you will receive an email with the electronic ticket attached, and when you open the email at the bottom there will be two ‘buttons’ – one for Apple Wallet and one for G Pay (Google Pay) which is used on Android devices.

You will need to have the relevant app downloaded on your phone if it isn’t pre-installed. Click on the button that applies to your phone and the card will be added. On match day you will just open the e-wallet, select your digital ticket and have it scanned.


If you are having a problem downloading the digital tickets then the issue is likely to be the settings on your phone.

On your phone, go into Settings, then into Apps. Open up whichever internet browser you use then go into Settings to see the option for allowing/blocking Pop-ups. You can then allow pop-ups from a specific website, or just allow them for the time it takes you to download the digital ticket(s) then re-block them.

Turn ‘block pop-ups’ off and change your default browser to Google Chrome, then re-try downloading the digital ticket(s).

Family & Group Tickets

If your season ticket is part of a family or a group all digital tickets will be sent to the lead member. These can all be added to the same wallet for families or you can add them to separate wallets if you are going to be arriving separately. To add to separate wallets you can either download it to your app and then “share pass” or forward the email. Please ensure that each person downloads their own seat as if the same pass is scanned twice only the first one will be allowed in.


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