We took time this week to grab one of the many twins at Carrington to find out more about Sale Sharks Women’s twin, Georgie Perris-Redding.

What attracted you to Sharks?
From working here I already knew what a great club Sale Sharks is, how they wanted to develop women’s rugby, the backing that the club had from the owners and what fantastic coaches were going to be involved.

The commute along the corridor helps?
After a laugh; YES!
For those who do not know, Georgie changes lives daily in the Community Trust department at Sale Sharks

You’ve had plenty of experience at Premiership Clubs, firstly Waterloo, then Worcester then to Sharks. What have learned from those experiences?
Being in different environments has helped me develop as a player and a person. Both Waterloo and Worcester taught me very different lessons.

If we talk about those lessons, the majority of female rugby players hold down a job whilst training, how did you manage rugby at Worcester and did that play a part in why you signed for Sharks?
Yes, I worked full time at the Trust and commuted a 4 hour round trip to Worcester and in the end it wasn’t doable. It was really difficult and it took too much away, along with my body never really getting time to recover. Now it makes me realise that you do have to have time to recover, rest and do things away from the field. Signing for Sharks will enable me to focus on my training a lot more. Having a role at the club enables me to easily access the analysts to see my footage or discuss my statistics in more detail..

Why do you love Rugby?
I love Rugby because I was too aggressive for Netball.
With a mutual laugh, I inform Georgie that I could never imagine it and I ask her to expand.
I used to get sent off all the time! So Rugby was the perfect place for me. I competed in athletics my whole life so I thought it was somewhere I could use the benefit of my speed.
I think for anyone who has seen her play, will vouch that she doesn’t back off from the physicality of the game!

Who is your biggest supporter?
My mum. My dad….. My mum, she is probably number one.
With a pause, she carries on..
And my sister actually.

What are you most excited about at Sharks?
The opportunity to start again, I started to lose my love for Rugby and lost my way and questioned if I wanted to actually play. It’s an exciting opportunity to grab something at full speed, give it a good go and remember to have fun while doing it.

You talk about losing the love for Rugby, how did you get that back?
I took sometime off! I spent more weekends with my friends, had some fun and completely had time away from Rugby.

What are your goals this season as a player?
To develop as a player and have the backing and support from coaches.

Three words to describe yourself?
Energetic, wild and kind.
Worth nothing there was a laugh after Georgie described herself as wild!

With that we wrap up the getting to know Georgie Perris-Redding chat. It is fair to say that Georgie is a well-known and liked member of the Community Department and she has all the attributes to make her a popular figure in the Women’s squad.

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