We took time this week to grab one of the many Scots around Carrington these days to get to know her a little bit more.

What attracted you to Sharks?
The opportunity to play in the North West within a high performance environment. The culture of Sale Sharks is attractive along with what they are achieving with the men and what they have set out for the women’s team was a massive selling point.

What’s the similarities between you and Faf?
After a laugh; I think we are both quite aggressive in defence and love to box kick!

You’ve had plenty of experience in the Premiership with Waterloo, what is the challenge with Sharks being a new team?
The challenge for me is to keep raising the standards, it is quite easy to get into a comfortable norm, so for me it is about pushing to be better. I am looking forward to building key relationships with people in the squad that will aid things on the pitch. For us as a team it is about coming together quickly and all being on the same sheet in regards to how we are going to play, after a couple of sessions it is surprising how quickly that can happen!

Why do you love Rugby?
I love everything about it, it is so inclusive. There is a position for everyone!

Who is your biggest supporter?
My dad.

What are your goals this season as a player?
Improving individually and then making an impact within the team. I want to make a positive impact that will help on the pitch.

What is your favourite thing to do outside of Rugby?
At the moment, open water swimming, I have signed up for a half iron man.
You can tell Grieve enjoys a challenge!

What advice would you girl aspiring girls who strive to play top level Rugby?
Finding a why. Not just saying I want to play International Rugby, but ask yourself why you want to do that. That answer will push you to achieve those ambitions. When something goes wrong, if you get injured or don’t get selected you can reflect back to that why, to push you to have that reason to keep going. Lastly, remember to take opportunities!

Any pre game routines?
I like to have a coffee then go out early and complete some kicking and passing.

Favourite memory in a Scotland shirt?
The tour to South Africa.

Best Rugby experience?
Hong Kong 7’s, we went to the qualifiers and it was incredible!

These are a few embarrassing questions from some familiar faces…

Favourite Scotland player?
I can’t answer that. Is that from Rhona Lloyd?

Who’s your favourite Irish teammate?
Grieve laughs; I can’t answer that either. Is that Lauren Delany?

Lastly, Katy Daley-Mclean has asked who your favourite 10 is?
Grieve laughs again; Obviously Katy Daley-Mclean!

With that we wrap up the getting to know Mhairi Grieve. It is fair to say that Grieve enjoys nothing more than a challenge and is relishing life as a Shark!

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