The many benefits of electric vehicles

Even as little as ten years ago, there were precious few choices available if you wanted an electric vehicle. But in recent years, technological advancements and a more pressing understanding of climate change has pushed them into mainstream popularity. But what can EVs actually offer you as a driver and a vehicle owner? Should you consider leasing one through CVSL?

The benefits of EVs

Electric vehicles offer many benefits to their owners. Here are some that you can expect to experience.

Better fuel efficiency

EVs offer excellent fuel-saving potential, as they are designed to be as efficient as possible in their usage. EVs are designed with aerodynamic qualities in mind to make sure that you get the maximum possible propulsion from every unit of energy you use. EVs are much better at this than ICE cars – here’s why that matters

They’re cheaper to own

Using less energy isn’t the only way that EVs offer money-saving benefits to their owners. Another is the fact that you have the potential to charge at home, for much less than it costs to fuel up at the pumps. Even if you charge in public charging stations, you will pay much less per mile driven than you would for a regular petrol or diesel car. That’s not all, however, as EVs also have minimal servicing costs compared to ICE cars. Petrol and diesel engines are complicated things, and there is a lot to go wrong. An EV, on the other hand, is much simpler. That means you only have to think about tyres and brakes as ongoing consumables. Service intervals are much further apart and cost much less.

They’re more relaxing to drive

Tony Poole Managing Director at CVSL comments, “If you spend a lot of time doing local commuting in heavy traffic, there’s no better place to do it than an EV. You don’t have to change gear, there’s no engine noise or vibration to disrupt your thoughts, and no gear changes juddering you every few moments.” An EV is the perfect place to serenely complete your journeys, which many consider one of the prime benefits of them, aside from their energy savings. This is true of even the more basic EV models, so it’s not the reserve of the most expensive luxury brands like it is with ICE cars.

What are the benefits to a business by going electric?

– Zero percent Benefit In Kind (BIK) rate for EVs registered from 6 April 2020. This will rise to 1% in 2021/22.

– Businesses show a positive standing in going green

– No employer National Insurance is payable on the BIK 20/21

– Rentals are 100% allowable against Corporation tax due to 0 emissions

– Substantial saving on fuel costs and servicing costs

– Businesses can run 1 or multiple cars, with positive savings and impacts to the environment.

The race to go all-electric is on as two major manufacturers recently announced that their product ranges will be electric only, as the above becomes a reality.

Leasing your ideal EV through CVSL

Leasing an EV through CVSL couldn’t be easier. The thing about CVSL electric vehicle lease deals is that you can tailor them to your specific needs. You can choose the exact model of EV you like, the colour, the spec – everything. Then you can go about tailoring the deal to your budget and your lifestyle. Do you want servicing costs to be included? Do you have specific mileage requirements? Do you want to differentiate between business and personal usage? You can do that all through the CVSL EV lease deal configurator. It couldn’t be easier to bring an electric vehicle into your life, just contact CVSL today.

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