Sharks team up with Yakult

Sale Sharks has teamed up with gut health experts Yakult this season to help ensure that the club’s men’s and women’s players are looking after their wellbeing.  

The partnership will see Yakult provide Sharks’ players and staff with the full Yakult range: Yakult Original, Yakult Light and new Yakult Plus.  

Yakult has been on a mission to inspire happiness and wellbeing since 1935, starting with their founder, Japanese scientist, Dr Shirota, who believed that the gut is core to wellbeing.  

He selected and cultivated a unique strain of lactic acid bacteria and used this friendly bacteria, now known as L. casei Shirota, to make the famous milk drink, Yakult. 

Fast forward over 85 years, and today, Yakult products are enjoyed in over 40 countries and regions worldwide, with millions of people consuming them every day. Each little bottle of Yakult Original, Yakult Light and Yakult Plus contains over 20 billion friendly bacteria.  

Yakult Light is enriched with vitamin D which supports immunity and bone & muscle health. Yakult Plus is rich in vitamin C which supports immunity and helps lower fatigue and also contains fibre that feed the gut bacteria!  

Sale Sharks lead nutritionist Lauren Delany said: “We’re really excited to team up with Yakult. They’re a massive global brand and their products are enjoyed by our players and staff.  

“Rugby players are at higher risk of picking up certain illnesses particularly during the winter months because of the intensity and volume of training, and the change in weather.  

“They put their bodies on the line every day and push themselves to the limit. We understand that the gut plays a significant role in the body of a rugby player and it’s important that we put strategies in place to support their overall health and wellbeing.” 

Kevin Mansell, National Sales Manager at Yakult UK & Ireland, said: “We are proud to be supporting Sale Sharks, by providing the team with their daily Yakult and cheering them on throughout the season.” 

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