Delivery & Playing Opportunities

The delivery in the DPP is based on developing 3 areas of the game around: core skill, game sense & athleticism. This is delivered through the attacking & defensive principles of play. Delivery is predominantly game based with skills zones and around our Sharks DNA which is the technical, tactical, physical & mental aspects we believe are important to develop in young players.

Sharks DNA focuses on the following attributes:

  • Creative Attacker: The ability to combine technical skill & tactical decision making to create attacking opportunities during game play.
  • Defensive Warrior: The ability to repeatedly make effective decisions in defence which will disrupt the opposition and win back possession.
  • Relentless Athlete: The physical capacity of a fast, robust player to repeatedly perform high-intensity effort and recover quickly.
  • Best Teammate: The ability to self-organise, take responsibility and build relationships in order to perform effectively as part of a team.

This is then underpinned with the aim to develop a person’s mental skills around confidence, challenge, commitment & control.

The festival and playing opportunities are designed to allow these attributes to be applied in competitive situations. These include the DPP Festivals at the conclusion of the U14 season and the Playing Opportunities designed by Cheshire & Lancashire County Bodies during the U15 & U16 Season.