Rugby in the Park

Rugby in the Park is our preventative anti-social behaviour project which works with young people across the North-West, aged between 4-12 years old. 

Working with local Police and communities, we identify key areas in the North-West where this project can have the biggest impact for young people who need it most. 

We introduce contact and wrestling activities in familiar environments, such as local parks, providing a safe space where people can feel comfortable to engage in alternative outlets and avoid anti-social behaviours. 

Our aims: 

  • Prevent young people from engaging in low level anti-social behaviour 
  • Help divert young people from anti-social behaviour 
  • Help young people engaged in the project to discover alternative outlets within their community 
  • Increase interpersonal skills such as confidence, resilience, motivation and self-belief 
  • Increase employability skills through a mentorship programme, work experience opportunities with tour Community Trust, coaching qualifications, access to Level 2 diploma and functional skills qualifications through our alternative provision programme ‘Advantage’ 
  • Improve decision making processes for young people 

We believe this project will have a huge social impact for the younger members of our community and provides a safe, confident platform for these vulnerable young people to thrive from. 

Project locations: 

  • Winsford 
  • Crewe 
  • Partington 
  • Preston 
  • Leyland 
  • Stockton Heath 
  • Liverpool 

If you would like to get involved or need more information, please email: 


Vicky Irwin, Community Development Manager said

“The impact of this project is fantastic, notably we had some of the older participants coming down earlier to help coach and support the younger age group. The project witnessed a huge increase in participants confidence and improvements in the way the young people interacted with not only Sale Sharks staff but with the Police personnel. As a Trust, we are excited about rolling this project out within other areas of the North West.”