DPP Delivery

DPP Delivery

The DPP aims to develop the future player by focusing on the development of core skill, decision making and athleticism, delivered through the principles of play. There is a focus on each of these attributes alongside developing every skill, for every player. The programme additionally focuses on developing our Sharks DNA. This is the player development model the academy believe best demonstrates the attributes required for the future player. These include:

  • Creative Attackers.
  • Defensive Warriors.
  • Relentless Athletes.
  • Best Teammates.

The programme additionally aims to develop the behaviours best suited to support playing the game alongside key lifestyle skills. These behaviours are based around:

  • Confidence.
  • Commitment.
  • Challenge.
  • Control.

These attributes are developed at different stages of the pathway between the DPP, SDG, Junior Academy and Senior Academy. The aims at each stage of our pathway as well our DPP Delivery Programme can be found below.


DPP Delivery Programme.