eTicketing My Network


If you are new to online ticketing, click here to download our handy step-by-step guide instead. 

Network is a useful function in your account. It allows you to link accounts together so you can buy tickets on that persons behalf if they too have an account, or renew their season tickets. It works the same for memberships. If you buy 3 memberships and want them linked then you can network them following the instructions below.



There are some reasons why, when you initially try to set this up that it won’t work, but they are outlined below, along with how you can resolve the issue.


Here are some examples of how supporter’s accounts are set up and the solutions to allow networking.


Sharky has four season tickets and they all have the same customer reference number and are all in his name. This means that they will already be linked to his customer reference number so he won’t need to do anything to add them to his Network.


Sharky has a season ticket and Finlay has one too. Networking will allow Sharky to add Finlay to his network (and the other way round) so once they have done this either of them will be able to buy the memberships for each other, and it also maintains an accurate record of the purchases they’ve made.


Sharky’s family’s season tickets are in different names and have different customer reference numbers, but all have the same email address. This means that Sharky will be able to initially log in with the password but it will default to the earliest one set up with that email address. Also, if he forgets the password he will only be able to reset the password for the first account created (when you set up an account/register it is given an ‘inception date’).

SOLUTION – He would need to set up a separate email addresses for each account, so to register them Sharky would need to contact


Sharky’s season tickets/accounts are in different names but they don’t all have email addresses. He will be able to network them (link them together), but he won’t be able to ASSIGN/MANAGE tickets for them, as the system requires an individual email address for each account to be able to send a permission request to the other people.

SOLUTION – If Sharky logs in and allocates a different email address to each account he will then be able to network them.


Once you are signed into your account via click on MY ACCOUNT then under ‘Account Management’ click on ‘Network’ (see below)



If you click on ADD MEMBERS you will get the following pop-up –



You will be able to search for the person you want to add by putting in their email address or their membership number and surname. Do that then click SEARCH then you will see the results, where you can then either select BLOCK or ADD MEMBER, which is the option you need. Once you have clicked ADD MEMBER you will see on the next screen that they have been added to your network.



So once you’ve logged in, go into MY NETWORK then select the person you have added by clicking on the V on the end of the grey bar, and it will open up as below.

On the ME section click on EDIT (you can see it below)…


Then select ‘I can MANAGE tickets for [PERSONS NAME] then click on SEND REQUEST. This will send an email to that person and when they sign in they can accept that and it will show their ticket in your account.


Once they have accepted your request, it then gives permission for you to have access to their reservations and they should all appear in your Notifications.